Achilles Blog 52 – 19.9.14. I can do anything good!

I love my body. Love it. Love that every part works so beautifully and that I do not have to think about whether to breathe or digest my food. But until pretty recently I took absolutely no notice of it…. did no exercise… wasn’t too bothered about my 5-a-day…ate too much cake… went to bed too late. And still my body ploughed on until one day I did decide to check on it and got a diabetes test…. when that came back positive, I took decisive action and within 6 months, had un-diabetised(?) myself and lost over 10Kg in the process. My body shouted and I had to listen. And now that my leg has nagged me for attention… I’m listening. My pancreas has set the tone… it whacked me on the head and asked for balance in my food intake and now my leg is asking for balance… literal balance/improved proprioception and an appropriate amount of movement…of walking and exercising. My body is so, so wise. It knows, at the end of the day, that good treatment = happier, and it asks me to make a decision between a considered and more mindful existence and a faster madness where tasks/events steer me and then run away with me. Body… you are ace!

I’m not very political, but I can’t let this occasion pass, it being the day after the historic Scottish referendum… thank you Scotland for shouting your unhappiness about things…. but deciding to keep the body of the UK together. Now I’m listening… now I’m feeling motivated towards positive change and greater control over our own destinies, while recognising the strengths of remaining as one. I think Scotland has done us a huge favour. We watched the referendum with old neighbours Steve (Welsh/English) and Faye (Scottish) after a dinner including haggis, neeps, and tatties (finished off with Laphroaig Whisky (pic))….thank you Faye for helping me understand the distinctness of the country of Scotland… the union should be just like a marriage should be…. where the partners are separate and equal entities which together make more than the sum of the parts. I think it’s going to be pretty exciting for the whole of the UK. And where else in the world can this kind of referendum take place… without anyone getting hurt/killed? It’s so British.

Right now, I’m feeling we can do anything good….. just like little Jessica…




About aintwegotitmade

Who am I?.......well, I'm getting to that age where I have to think about that before I answer... My name is J, I'm married, and my husband and I live in the great city of London. I started this blog as an update to family and friends when I completely ruptured my Achilles tendon a few years ago (see The first post). I am so fortunate in every possible way...and in all honesty, I'm just using this blog to remind myself... Why is it called Ain't we got it made?: this is a line from one of my favourite songs (Sing Baby Sing - Have I got it made? Well - I've got a roof over my head, running water right into my house, a fully-stocked supermarket round the corner, free and readily available healthcare; and I live with my lovely husband in a great city, in a beautiful country, where I feel safe and secure.... I rest my case. Fact or opinion: I am not an expert on anything… but I can confirm that everything in this blog is either fact or opinion. I hope to post regularly, mostly about things I find uplifting, positive, amusing, optimistic, important..or perhaps just about regular daily life...but I won't bother you too much. Thanks for stopping by... jx
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