Blog 75 – 2.7.16. Brexit 2: DON’T read the papers

Chaos, turmoil, back and front stabbing…no it’s not an urban riot, it’s the political elite reeling while the rest of us basically Keep Calm and Carry On. A very British revolution.

Here’s my advice to the poor folk who have to sort this out (incidently, it seems more and more likely that a whole bunch of women are going to be clearing up this mess and I’m really looking forward to that. In fact if Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon was interested in the rest of the UK, I’d vote for her!). I’m no expert, but by all accounts, neither is anyone else…so here it is…here’s what to do guys…I mean, gals:

  1. Bring in a proportional representation (PR) voting system….then hopefully more voices can be heard
  2. Set up the newly required Department of Trade in Birmingham (ie outside of London)
  3. Pay lots of cash to the best trade negotiators, wherever we can find them.
  4. Consider moving parliament (permanently or temporarily) to Birmingham or Manchester – the existing Houses of Parliament are in very expensive disrepair and the building is, in many ways, unfit for purpose.
  5. Get used to coalition government when necessary (this may focus their attention on good government instead of whether they are in power or not).
  6. Modify or get rid of the lobby system/stop cosying up to media moguls
  7. Make it a top priority to invest in wind energy/green energy so we’re not beholden to anyone for fuel.
  8. Proceed with airport expansion/HS2 railway scheme.
  9. Re property development – change planning laws so that all new London/city developments must sell/rent at least 75% of their units to British residents before they can market anything abroad.
  10. Heavily promote investment by housing associations in mixed rented housing in the south-east in particular and by housing associations/private developers/institutions in private rented housing country-wide to increase rented housing – including retirement housing.
  11. You will have to do something about immigration; but don’t send back any resident EU citizens (it would only cause retaliation and ill-feeling with the EU) and remember we need people to come and work here for all sorts of reasons. Also…be aware that immigrants want to go to peaceful, stable, economically thriving places where they can be free to be who they are and fulfil their potential….also… they follow the money….if immigration totally dries up… will the UK follow suit?

I’ve sussed why the cat is always happy…he doesn’t read the newspapers, he just sleeps on them.

cat on news.jpg




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Who am I?.......well, I'm getting to that age where I have to think about that before I answer... My name is J, I'm married, and my husband and I live in the great city of London. I started this blog as an update to family and friends when I completely ruptured my Achilles tendon a few years ago (see The first post). I am so fortunate in every possible way...and in all honesty, I'm just using this blog to remind myself... Why is it called Ain't we got it made?: this is a line from one of my favourite songs (Sing Baby Sing - Have I got it made? Well - I've got a roof over my head, running water right into my house, a fully-stocked supermarket round the corner, free and readily available healthcare; and I live with my lovely husband in a great city, in a beautiful country, where I feel safe and secure.... I rest my case. Fact or opinion: I am not an expert on anything… but I can confirm that everything in this blog is either fact or opinion. I hope to post regularly, mostly about things I find uplifting, positive, amusing, optimistic, important..or perhaps just about regular daily life...but I won't bother you too much. Thanks for stopping by... jx
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2 Responses to Blog 75 – 2.7.16. Brexit 2: DON’T read the papers

  1. vivgreen says:

    Excellent, J. I agree 99%

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