Blog 118 – 13.9.19. It’s only Spanish!

It’s that time again. Time to do something scary. I read somewhere that you should do something scary once a day. This, of course, is not for me. Peace, comfort and predictability..that’s my scene…so… I’m going to Barcelona be a student and stay with some strangers and learn Spanish at a local Institute Cervantes authorised school. I like to be a person who knows being a student who knows nothing is scary. Yep. Some poor hosts are going to have me in their house for 2 weeks…they will feed me breakfast (what do Spaniards usually have for breakfast?) and I’m going to have to speak Spanish and possibly share a bathroom. I’m really worried that a). I will accidentally learn Catalan instead; b) My hosts will be scary; c) that I will have spent a fair wad of cash…but not learn very much.

I will have to learn my way around the public transport system lugging a wheelie case behind me. I will have to hope that I bring some British weather with me, as me and heat do not get on…so I will take my polka-dot fan. I will hopefully do lots of walking and lots of talking. I will probably take the wrong clothes…I am determined to make do with less. What’s Spanish for launderette?

It’s all my husband’s fault. He’s not coming on this trip because he speaks Spanish anyway and in any case, his brain is too big for such trivia, having been expanded by studying for an MSc in something fantastically new, computery and difficult. He has so impressed me by taking on the challenge of completely new learning at such an advanced age, that I feel I have to prove I still have a brain he can even talk to. In Spanish.

There’s a full moon tonight and it’s Friday 13th. This may be lunacy…but…I’m off…I will be in touch as and when there is anything to report. If all goes to plan, my next post will be en espanol (not).


Barcelona map 13.9.19



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2 Responses to Blog 118 – 13.9.19. It’s only Spanish!

  1. Elaine says:

    You will have a great time, when I lived in Spain most Spanish people spoke English lol

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