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Blog 141 – 1.8.21. Get out the sunscreen, it’s time for a really sore butt.

OK. I get it. It’s my time for some serious butt-kicking… i.e. being on the end of it. OK Miss Pollyanna….can you cope now? Continue reading

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Blog 125 – 14.12.19. Over to you God….

Strictly Come Dancing is one of my favourite TV programmes…guaranteed to make me feel good. Love seeing people blossom and move towards being their best each week.

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Blog 99 – 22.11.17. Ordinary, everyday miracles like me….

I have been wondering for some time what my ideal job is. I know what it is, but I don’t think it really exists or anyone gets paid for it. The job involves trawling charity shops for theatre props.

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Blog 95 – 1.10.17. Camino 4 – Camino Family…

Family is not like friends…you don’t choose family…they are just there. Everyone says ‘Hola!’ or Buen Camino! as they pass you on the Camino…you can choose not to engage of course, but if you find you have a common language … Continue reading


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Blog 84 – 9.7.17 Thank you Tony Adams

I was late for church this morning. Dashed in and sat down to hear the guest speaker suggest that we speak to our neighbour (if we felt able) about any ‘God’ moments we’d had in our lives…

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Blog 81 – 21.6.17. All will be well…

It’s quite rare to get a really decent summer in the UK…Wimbledon (starting week after next) is invariably marked by torrential rain…that’s how you know it’s July.

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Achilles Blog 61 – 7.11.14. A nice warm feeling inside

Leg is not happy…there is an intermittent ‘pulling’ pain to the heel…and right hip not happy either…. so I decided to see if a soak in the bath would appease them. Especially as a November frostiness has finally arrived. I … Continue reading

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Achilles Blog 7 – 15.5.14. Cool Cats

Had visits yesterday from 2 Sandys – one of whom is my vicar from church. We had a very profound discussion… particularly around my ambition to ‘come back’ as a sleek, cool, black cat. I mean, cats are hardly the … Continue reading

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