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Blog 87 – 26.7.17. What’s the point?

4.30 am. Wake up. Cry. Brush teeth. Cry. Breakfast. Cry. I don’t want to wake up in a world without my beloved in it. The beloved that is only a cat. Shower. Cry. A lead ball where my heart should … Continue reading

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Blog 83 – 8.7.17. Where’s my breakfast?

Cat Troy has not been up the 13 or so steps to the first floor of our house since about April – it’s a painfully slow, one-step-at-a- time process, for a cat who used to race up and down the … Continue reading

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Achilles Blog 73 – 2016 Event Horizon

Folks…I haven’t posted ‘cos my leg is fixed (no it isn’t) and I didn’t think I had anything else to say….on Achilles tendons at least. My leg has yet to recover full muscle size and ankle flexibility…and I’m working on … Continue reading


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