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Blog 84 – 9.7.17 Thank you Tony Adams

I was late for church this morning. Dashed in and sat down to hear the guest speaker suggest that we speak to our neighbour (if we felt able) about any ‘God’ moments we’d had in our lives…

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Blog 81 – 21.6.17. All will be well…

It’s quite rare to get a really decent summer in the UK…Wimbledon (starting week after next) is invariably marked by torrential rain…that’s how you know it’s July.

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Blog 78 – 23.5.17. Night walk to planet calm

Met friend Annie a few weeks ago….one of those friends who I can not see for a long time and just pick up with…we used to chase after our young black cats together at night, (trying to get them indoors), … Continue reading

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Blog 77 – 14.7.16 Brexit 4: Tick for Brexit?

Hmmm…I might stop writing about Brexit soon..but in the meantime: Remainer: ‘What exactly is Brexit going to do for us…eh? What exactly?’ Leaver: ‘Set us free! Give us control of our borders!’ Remainer: ‘And?’ Leaver: ‘Give the political elite, the … Continue reading


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Achilles Blog 72 – 25.3.15. Now where was I?… ah yes, the Gym…

Well, it’s nearly a year since the accident. I can do pretty much everything I did before…but I’m on notice that my leg and other bits of my body need my continuing attention….. My leg in plaster got me into … Continue reading

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Achilles Blog 50 – 12.9.14. Pretending to be Kate Moss

Saw Physio Piotr this week – he’s a hard task-master and confirmed that my ankle had indeed improved… but it was not good enough. After exercise/walking, I am getting some pain to either side of my heel. This, says Piotr, … Continue reading

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