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Blog 144 – 6.11.21. Blah blah blah…a crustie’s (?) manifesto

Don’t march. Don’t protest. Don’t expect your government to do anything. They might do something…but they might not. Blah blah blah. Do it without them. Insulate your home to the extent that you are able. Turn your heating down 1 … Continue reading


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Blog 117 – 26.7.19. I have confidence in me!

We have had the hottest July day on record folks…luckily in the UK that doesn’t mean we should panic…’cos the weather will change…quite quickly (tick)…and there will be rain (tick)…and thunder (tick)…

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Blog 113 – 31.12.18. Today, I decide to be….less

In theory of course the 31st of December is just another day of the year. Really. It is. Just goes to show that only our brains make it something special or different. I guess that means that absolutely any day … Continue reading

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Blog 104 – 13.4.18. Home wasn’t built in a day….

Shhh…look…just don’t jinx me by telling anyone. I don’t know quite how it happened…really I don’t. We have a….shhhh…great builder. Yep. They exist and they are right here in south London…shhh now. Don’t blab about it. Please. In case our … Continue reading

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