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Blog 144 – 6.11.21. Blah blah blah…a crustie’s (?) manifesto

Don’t march. Don’t protest. Don’t expect your government to do anything. They might do something…but they might not. Blah blah blah. Do it without them. Insulate your home to the extent that you are able. Turn your heating down 1 … Continue reading


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Blog 140 – 13.3.21…is that really you?…

My cousin, who I know well because she lived with my family when I was young, phoned me up out of the blue from the US a few days ago. I missed her call because I was out. She phoned … Continue reading

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Blog 137 – 4.11.20 … riding the covid bucking bronco…

brrrmmmm…..brrrmmm (presses sewing machine pedal)…whoooosh….snip. clip. damn needle..can’t see the hole…brrrmmm….brrrrmmmm I have no time to write a blog….I’ve got on the face covering skateboard and I can’t get off. The charity I volunteer for needs the dosh…plus it feels … Continue reading

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Blog 125 – 14.12.19. Over to you God….

Strictly Come Dancing is one of my favourite TV programmes…guaranteed to make me feel good. Love seeing people blossom and move towards being their best each week.

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Blog 124 -19.10.19. Brexit: will we turn back from a Neanderthal future?

My husband and I are gobsmacked. Stunned almost into silence. We have just found out that the son of a friend of ours, is no longer vegan. This chap had quite a following on Youtube, championing veganism, interviewing vegan strong-men … Continue reading

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Blog 116 – 13.5.19…Now, now…

I love it when one of the tenants sends me a text. No I don’t…that’s rubbish. When I get a text late at night about an over-flowing washing machine or a broken light – it’s my job, but it’s not … Continue reading

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Blog 80 – 17.6.17. Out of the ashes….

I know the smell of fire…a small but damaging one broke out at home when I was young. Now I’m imagining my lovely house as a charred, blackened, unrecognisable space…and several members of my family missing. How would that hole … Continue reading

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Blog 79 – 7.6.17. London 2017 – just how bad can things get?

A recent pre-election chat with my 23 year old journalist niece, H, made me realise that some young people are pretty angry and think that things can barely get any worse…we are in a dark place she said.  The terror … Continue reading

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Blog 77 – 14.7.16 Brexit 4: Tick for Brexit?

Hmmm…I might stop writing about Brexit soon..but in the meantime: Remainer: ‘What exactly is Brexit going to do for us…eh? What exactly?’ Leaver: ‘Set us free! Give us control of our borders!’ Remainer: ‘And?’ Leaver: ‘Give the political elite, the … Continue reading

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Blog 76 -13.7.16. Brexit 3: now let’s just start that again

Sorry about this….but I have to tell you that until a few days ago I was pretty depressed…and I’ve never knowingly been depressed before….it’s a constantly present fug of hopelessness that pervades everything. Not even my busted achilles left me … Continue reading

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