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Blog 83 – 8.7.17. Where’s my breakfast?

Cat Troy has not been up the 13 or so steps to the first floor of our house since about April – it’s a painfully slow, one-step-at-a- time process, for a cat who used to race up and down the … Continue reading

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Achilles Blog 34 – 15.7.14. What’s your metier?

Holiday and football party over….work beckons. But not before having a day-long Earthing and Foot Conference on Sunday with gorgeous niece B and her lovely friend Yemi (see pic). Before bed last night I noticed a twinge to my RIGHT … Continue reading

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Achilles Blog 16 – 4.6.14. Going barefoot

ooo…. and talking of feet…check this guy’s happy feet as they fly out of his suicidal socks in the original (don’t worry be) Happy song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU … some of you will know I was very interested in feet before this … Continue reading


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