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Blog 80 – 17.6.17. Out of the ashes….

I know the smell of fire…a small but damaging one broke out at home when I was young. Now I’m imagining my lovely house as a charred, blackened, unrecognisable space…and several members of my family missing. How would that hole … Continue reading

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Achilles Blog 61 – 7.11.14. A nice warm feeling inside

Leg is not happy…there is an intermittent ‘pulling’ pain to the heel…and right hip not happy either…. so I decided to see if a soak in the bath would appease them. Especially as a November frostiness has finally arrived. I … Continue reading

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Achilles Blog 20 – 12.6.14. Lovely St. W’s primary

Love the kids at St. W’s Primary!! I give my time every week to help the year 2s read… and in return they give me…. their genuine sympathy for my gammy leg – which means (un-asked) they hold doors open … Continue reading

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