Blog 83 – 8.7.17. Where’s my breakfast?

Cat Troy has not been up the 13 or so steps to the first floor of our house since about April – it’s a painfully slow, one-step-at-a- time process, for a cat who used to race up and down the stairs and skid down the corridor chasing paper balls and pencils (he never bothered with ‘bought’ toys). So I got a complete shock this morning when I heard a single, drawn out, roaring meow and saw him standing at the top of the stairs glaring down the corridor at me. This was a very loud reprimand.  It was 8.45 am, he had not been fed and the back door remained unopened. My behaviour was clearly unacceptable. Over the last couple of weeks, having been pretty much a relatively immobile, indoor cat for the last year or two…he has been going out into the back garden; just on the patio, usually under one of the chairs. And he has also been asking for rain water from the water butt.  As he seems a tad better for all of this…(I mean, he’s just climbed up the stairs!)..I’m wondering if he knows something I don’t. And I’m reminded of my research into Earthing ( a few years ago. Long story short, with the Earthing research and the increasing evidence that seems to point to ‘inflammation’ as a cause for all manner of auto-immune disease (from types of arthritis to cancer and even Type 2 diabetes, I’m wondering if Troy is using the Earth to heal himself?…or at least make himself feel better. I’m also wondering if he can detect what’s wrong with the tap water we usually give him?…dunno…

Having previously been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (I ‘undid’ it with regular exercising, making slight alterations to my diet, reducing portion sizes and chocolate/biscuit consumption)…I’m feeling I want to focus on less inflammatory (i.e. less processed) foods, as my weight has begun to creep up again. And should I spend more time, barefoot, outside? …ideally on grass – or a slightly wet concrete patio, as Troy does? As I understand it ‘free-radicals’ are the enemy of good health and aging well..and antioxidants from food (as opposed to supplements) are worth adding to your diet (but research seems somewhat inconclusive ( Maybe it’s time for a body/food audit… and a few tips from wise boy Troy….or anyone else with a view on this….



Hmmm... which breakfast?.jpg

pancake and strawberries in breakfast bust-up..

Troy on the patio.jpg

It’s water…butt not as we usually drink it.




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